Why 2020 Gave Me Hope

I want to briefly reflect back on the previous year 2020 that proved to be challenging on so many levels for most of us.  With all the issues we had to deal with, I noticed three trends that should give us hope for when we are pressed to persevere through difficult times.

First, we are more resilient than we may have realized.  Covid, masking, isolating, social distancing, protesting, rioting, looting, evacuating from wildfires, quarantining, divisive politicking, zooming, etc., what we had to deal with in 2020 was overwhelming.  Even so, we found the resilience that God has placed within us to find ways to cope and make it through.  Sure, some days were more difficult than others, and there were those who did not fare as well as others.  Yet the human will to endure is strong and often not fully realized until pressed to the limits.  And those of us who are people of faith recognize that God was indeed with us throughout the year.

Second, we are more resourceful than we could have imagined.  Much of this was due to the fact that we had to be, and yet I was in awe of the creative and compassionate ways people went out of their way to look after each other.  The worst of times often brings out the best in humanity, and 2020 brought out the worst in a few people but also highlighted the very best in the vast majority of people.  To those of you who sought to be part of the solution rather than perpetuate the problems – thank you!     

This naturally leads to my final point – 2020 showed us just how reliant we really are upon each other.  The caring and sharing that was demonstrated in a variety of ways was nothing short of beautiful.  We truly are interdependent upon each other.  I frequently tell my congregation that we need each other just as much as we need God, for it is God who gave us to each other as gifts to be cherished, cared for, and looked after.  May not only God bless us all in 2021, but may we also bless each other!  Happy New Year!           

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