Pray for Kings and All Those in Authority

I have a great prayer team at my church because we strive to make our church a house of prayer.  Prayer is our highest and greatest calling which empowers and propels us into ministry.

With the inauguration of a new President in 2021, we will make it a priority to pray for President Joe Biden and his administration.  The last four years we diligently prayed for President Donald Trump.  When he was first elected, each member of our prayer team wrote President Trump a letter letting him know we are praying for him and we sent them all as a packet to the White House (we will do the same for President Biden).  Several months passed by and to our complete surprise, we received a response from the Trump White House and their appreciation for our prayers.

With our culture as completely polarized politically as it is, it does absolutely no good to rant and rave about “the other side” and how terrible and horrible “they are”.  Doing so is antithetical to the ways of Christ.  We sometimes forget that Jesus lived in a time of great sociopolitical upheaval with really corrupt and vile governmental authorities. 

The Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria depicted Pilate as “cruel, exceedingly angry,” and “a man of most ferocious passions,” who had a “habit of insulting people” and murdering them “untried and uncondemned” with the “most grievous inhumanity.”  The Roman historian Suetonius says of Tiberius Caesar Augustus that he was a most sexually deviant person, and the Jewish historian Josephus said that Caesar “made death the penalty for the slightest offenses.”  And it’s against this backdrop that the New Testament says “gripe and complain about the government”?  No.  We are to pray “for kings and all those in authority.”  This is precisely what we will strive to do. 

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