Make the Most of 2022

Just a few days before the New Year, it’s good to take inventory of where we’ve been and where we want to go.  I intentionally do this before the end of the year, and then assess and evaluate every quarter throughout the year.  There are far too many people who do not take the time to appraise the use of their time and focus and I would like to help change that. 

“Every Day Matters” by Dr. Brandon Crowe is a good book for you to consider to begin 2022 and to help keep life in perspective while making the most of your time.  Although Crowe is an academic, this is not an academic work and is a very readable and accessible book.  And even though Crowe is steeped in the Reformed tradition and Calvinistic in his approach to the Scriptures and theology (I’m very much a Wesleyan and would certainly tweak some of his theological assertions), he’s a young and accomplished theologian that I read and keep an eye on.

The book is in three parts – in part one, Crowe provides an overview on living a productive life from a Biblical perspective.  Part two, he highlights current trends when it comes to productivity.  And in part three, Crowe synthesizes the ideals of productivity and organization, goal setting, staying sharp and focused, etc., with the practicalities of how to accomplish this.

As Crowe readily admits, he doesn’t have all this mastered, and neither do I.  Do any of us?  However, the beginning of the New Year gives us the opportunity to continue to learn and grow and make the most of our time.  In addition to reading this book, if you are interested in my yearly plan of setting goals in the seven important areas of our lives that we revisit and reassess quarterly, let me know and I would love to help.            

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