First Day of Winter Thoughts

I’ve always struggled a bit when people say, “God is in control.”  I get what they are saying, and I know they mean well.  And in many respects they are correct as God is the One who set the universe in motion. On this first day of winter, for example, the four seasons by His magnificent design occur quarterly like clockwork. 

However, when it comes to our human behaviors, decisions, motivations, ambitions, as well as the actions of others, I believe it to be more accurate to say that “God wants to be in control.”  As long as we seek to do as we wish and what we want to the neglect of God, we negate the will that God wants for us – “His good, pleasing and perfect will” which the apostle Paul makes reference to in Romans 12:2. 

John Wesley (1703-1791) helps us understand what is meant by “the will of God” as he says it is the “preceptive part of Christianity… so perfective of our natures.”  In other words, as we learn and apply the teachings of Christ in obedience to Christ, God then is in control of us and we are being made perfect and living as God intends. 

So the next time I hear someone say, “God is in control”, rather than cringe (although I still might), I’m going to ask myself, “Is God in control of me?”            

One thought on “First Day of Winter Thoughts

  1. Jesus said if we don’t lose our own life, take up our cross and follow him we’re in danger of losing our soul. I want to know Christ in His fullness and not be satisfied with my ignorance. I want God in control of me.

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